Membership and Fees

We encourage potential new members to reach out to us, particularly those with RYA qualifications: full membership is open to anyone over the age of 18, though our focus at the moment is to fast-track those with RYA Yachtmaster qualifications, who would be willing to go through the club skipper approval process, in order to increase the pool of skippers in the club. 

Temporary membership is available non members, including to young persons who are not included in a family membership.

The new member’s application form can be found here. Please complete it and post it to our treasurer at the address on the form. Alternatively, send it by email to HSC Treasurer

The membership fees are:

£25 per day temporary membership.
£175 per annum for individual membership.
£205 per annum for a family membership, which means that you can take your partner or spouse sailing together with any member of your family below the age of 18 at no extra cost.

Club Skippers

Members are encouraged to improve their sailing skills. To charter the boat you need to be a club member, all charters, however, must have a club skipper on board. To skipper the boat members need an RYA qualification and an assessment by an existing Club skipper.